Parking-as-a- Service

Cars and bikes have always been our next home in this era of running around. We are always skeptic to leave our vehicle for servicing or share it with our friend for a drive!!!

In a daily life there is one thing bothers us – PARKING!

Our product ProcesCom caters to complete parking solution both to the government and as well to the public.

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Your IT monitored

Monitoring your IT business right from its grass root level and enabling you with information on your own IT infrastructure to ensure your services to your clients stays 5-9s. This AI Ops , ML tool of VuNet enables you to track the infra mapped to your business layer.

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Be next to your dear ones while really far off…

Pic of old people and kids playing in the park and a cloud call out where youngsters watching them and laughing

With recent pandemic, we have learnt that nothing is more important than our lives and our dear ones. With such pandemics around for us to know what is happening with our loved ones. With our patented device Karma, you can watch your dear ones live and listen to what is happening around them. Await the product launch in 2021.

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